Dear Elisabeth, I hope this find you well. I know you said you were going to be in Europe this summer. We think of you often. During the past week or so I ordered your book, “Beloveds Forever Together” from Amazon and just finished reading it. What a beautiful expression of your relationship with Dietrich! In […]

From Marie Ang

I remember my brief but meaningful exchanges with Dr. Seidel being peaceful and interesting. I am interested to learn more of your activities and want to support you as time allows. God Bless your efforts.

From Barry Geller

Dietrich taught us the Marriage Enrichment Course in 2006 on the phone in the days before we knew about webinars. It was so exciting to be participating at a UTS course from our own home in the Austrian country-side. It was probably also the beginning of our work in preparation for founding the Family Forum […]

From Josef & Lilly Gundacker

Dietrich and I have had many profound conversations over the years. We have a lot in common, but from opposite sides of the river. We both had fathers who were born in Germany. Mine was born to Jewish parents and escaped the external Holocaust by the skin of his teeth but was never able to […]

From John Lowen

Uncle Dietrich was a generous and warm-hearted gentleman. He was a passionate educator and dedicated marriage and family consultant. We will always remember how he reached out to the various religious leaders through his interfaith ministry during his years in Vienna, especially his unconditional support for the local Syrian Orthodox Church together with his wife Elisabeth. […]

Memories of Dietrich

Greetings from Montreal! I fondly remember Dietrich and his family from our time in Toronto in the 1980s and taking his class at UTS in the early 1990s. The fact he did his post-graduate studies in Toronto means a lot to those of us in Canada who remember him. Dietrich always demonstrated the saintly qualities […]

From Franco Famularo

  Recently Dr. Seidel, our beloved UTS alumnus, passed away. I attended his Seonghwa Ceremony which took place at Barrytown. He was my classmate in the very first class of UTS when it started in 1975. I remember I saw a very tall, handsome gentleman originally from Austria, and it was Dr. Seidel as a […]

Dietrich Seidel the Theologian of Mediation ~ Theodore Shimmyo Ph.D. (UTS’77)

Like many in the Unification Community, I was first introduced to Dr. Dietrich Seidel at our beloved Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) in Barrytown, NY. I was a “late arriving” student in the fall of 1987 having needing a while to straighten my affairs before becoming a member of the historical class of ’89. Dr. Seidel […]

Testimony to Dr Seidel by Gregory Davis