From Franco Famularo

Greetings from Montreal!

I fondly remember Dietrich and his family from our time in Toronto in the 1980s and taking his class at UTS in the early 1990s.

The fact he did his post-graduate studies in Toronto means a lot to those of us in Canada who remember him.

Dietrich always demonstrated the saintly qualities everyone who attempts to live a life of faith aspires to.

He was patient, caring and he was always positive – a shining example of one living by God’s Principles who demonstrated the best qualities of one living a life for God.

I recall jointly giving presentations at several universities and colleges in and around Toronto when our movement was undergoing severe opposition. His patient manner of explaining the Divine Principle left a lasting impression on me.

May God bless Dietrich as he transitions and continues to live a great and good life.

Franco Famularo (UTS ’94).