Friends that we Love

La Tribu Durieux

They loved each other so much, tears comes to my eyes to see how they take care of each other and the community, they are very well loved by everyone. I also like to belong to their tribe.
From 15 children, one priest and four religious sisters, they are like my sisters too. Pere Durieux said the only time he saw his father cry was when the Germans burned their house during the war and 15 kids, without shelter. The soldier said to him I am ashamed to be German.



Emilie Bonnivard

Politician and family friend

Narcisse Cartier

Narcisse Cartier
Avec m Narcisse Cartier en souvenir de mon grand pere

Therese Flammier

Therese Flammier
We can stop at her home for refreshments on the way to Chapelle de Bonne Nouvelle for
Mass. She does a lot of voluntary work.

Huguette Giroud

She took care of my dad at the retirement home

Suzanne and Madeleine

Suzanne & Madeleine
In remembrance of our youth together

Martina Kuppelhuber

What a nice day together at the UN in Vienna

Mireille Morin

Friend of the Jamen family, by my grandmother’s church, La Chapelle du Mollaret

Humbert I, Count of Savoy


Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Hirsh

Tribe Photo for web -12
Former Director of Webster University’s Vienna Campus

School friend

Tribe Photo for web -09

12 Ambassadors for Peace in St Jean de Maurienne

Congregation at Chapelle du Mollaret

Tribe Photo for web-17

Tribe Photo for web -16
Grandma Marie’s church

Reconciliation Event 2010 in Montaimont

Tribe Photo for web -10

Reconciliation and Fundraising Event for Haiti in St Jean de Maurienne

Tribe Photo for web -01


Thank you for your tears for my husband. I know your deep heart.

Colombian ambassador
Our new friend the interim ambassador of Colombia next to Elisabeth with a couple of friends and Renate center

Mid Hudson Valley friends and colleagues

At the Seidels’ home
Brenda Cagle and family