Our Tribe

Won’t you be part of our tribe?


Our spiritual parents

Members of our tribe acknowledge the importance of family values, including marital fidelity, mutual commitment of husband and wife to each other and to raising children with good moral standards.

African missionaries who support our tribe

We agree on the following three points:

  • We love God – God is the invisible parent who loves everyone
  • We love our family – The family is the school of love, the cornerstone of society
  • We love each other – Brave men and women, tougher than you think, run in our family and tribe; we protect, serve, and care for each other as an extended family

Together we can make a world of peace, one family at a time.

Join our tribe.

Members of Our Tribe

Our tribe has over 430 couples, and we are still growing!

Together with our family, the following couples are dedicating their lives and love for Heaven as 43 Blessed Couples:

Mathias and Catherine Alton Gagnerot, Elena Ballestrazzi, Brian and Tomoko Block, Lawrence and Marie Bond, Franscesco and Sophia Lilian Rose Campillo, René and Danielle Chaillié, Christopher and Tanya Chandler, Jeremy and Kathleen Cirelli, Olivier and Fabiola Cornet Collet, Armand and Mylene Dano, Eduard and Gretta De Bengy, Bernard and Emily Delahaye, Chris Alan and Ye Lin Choi Derflinger, Josef and Monique Derflinger, Werner and Michiko Fehlberg, Kurt and Josiane Fredoux-Kohler, Fritz and Patricia Hartmann, Sebastian and Mereth Huemer, Morio and My Quyên Trieu Kawashima, John and Maria Kenny, John Harris and Marie-France Kirkley, Alva Rand and Irmgard Mueller Lines, Hiromitsu and Kayo Ye Yong Masuda, Martin and Huguette Moloney, Emilio and Marcelle Murdica, Jean Pierre and Naoko Nadal, Charles and Janine Nadal, Yoshifumi and Anne-Marie Charruaud Naka, Floyd Jr. and Chrystal Nelson, Kenneth and Hiroko Olivo, Kerry and Carol Pobanz, Kashu and Jocelyne Pointier, Ando and Betty Rodrigues, Robert and Angelika Selle, Karl and Erica Selle, Eric and Tomomi Selle, Wojciech and Aleksandra Skonieczny, Jianni and Merrylou Spiciani, Franco and Sholeh Amini Toccacieli, Namvan and Sunnie Van der Stok, Reinhard and Wilhelmine Walther, Piotr and Monika Zejer.

Below are photos and words of inspiration from some members of our tribe.

Christiane Coste


Sebastian W. Huemer and Mereth E. Huemer


True Love is it!

God wants it, our ancestors want it! Our siblings and our families want it.
We all want it.
All nature wants it.

How beautiful that is already!

Kathy Winings

Beloved Seminary Professor.  Dietrich met Kathy and David Jansen on the campus in Utah.

Jean Pierre and Naoko Nadal

photo nadal2

Bob and Angelika Selle

Selle Family photo - Dec. 2013

May the Seidel tribe expand and expand, and become a wonderful force of true love that God can use in miraculous ways to help redeem this world!

Early members in France

Tribe Photo for web -14
Spiritual son from Scotland (back row, center)

Tribe Photo for web -15
Armand Dano, with Reiner Vincenz and Henri Blanchard

Armand Dano with wife Mylene and son Guenael

Nicholas Viera (right)

God loves us and wants families to be eternal. As we follow His son we can achieve that goal He has for us.


Jason Hughes (left)

Families are eternal.

Barbara Rook

Barbara Rook

I am blessed to have Elisabeth in my life and as my friend.

Daniel Loriot

“Beloved auto mechanic”

John and Marie Kirkley and family


New Hope Singers

New Hope Singers on tour, Marie Kirkley (left) and Monique Derflinger (right)

Josef and Monique Derflinger and family


From left to right: Johann, Aurelia, Jo, Mo, Hiromitsu, Kayo, Chris Alan, Elina Ji Ah and Yelin
In front: Mia Ji Young, Hazel Lily, Adele Young Ah, Logan Anton Josef

Josiane Fredoux and family

“Beloved mama”

Kata Pasalic with son Anthony

“Most warm mama”

Amir, Negin and Raman Monfared


Dietrich’s beloved family from Austria

Celebrating Dietrich’s birthday with my Austrian tribe. Oma (96) still looking like a Movie Star, Gisela, Dietrich’s sister, next to me, next to Oma grand child Birgitt great grand kids Nando and Krishna, and Gisela’s best friend Irene Herbert who knew Dietrich since 9 years old, and today decided also part of our family and tribe
The favorite grand kid Sami
With the other great grand kid Nuria

Les Clements

Coryse and sister Catherine Bertolo

Quand les etres se rencontrent spiritualites et amities demeurent meme a l’autre bout du Monde ils se racontent.

Michelle Merloz

Michelle Merloz
Beloved cousin, former hairdresser, the whole town knows her

Thierry and Catherine Bertolo

My new friends Thierry and Catherine Bertolo here by the Chapelle de Bonne Nouvelle after the mass. Catherine had many experiences with dying people. She said Virgin Mary guided our encounter. I felt it also.

Antoinette Dorlin

She knows how to live with courage and love. Her mother taught her even when no one from her close family is at the hospital she still should go everyday and comfort and take care of people. She goes every morning to the cemetery and visit her husband at 7am and to report and ask him his advice. She lives with love.

Dede and Lucienne Didier

Neighbors, their whole family were always friends with my mother and grandfather’s family. We always lived together. My first memories as a child was the delicious pastries and salade de fruits with red cherries on top.

Jean Chamorand

Jean Chamorand
Avec Jean Chamorand maison de retraite un ami d’ecole il comprends les choses spirituelles.

Raymonde Barel

Raymonde Barel
She was most supportive came and danced at our events. she loves the book Ma vie au service de la paix. She loves me as her daughter

Moloney family

Madison Clare Siebers

Madison Clare Siebers
Our favorite table at Panera where we said many prayers and made many
friends. Thank you for everything, Elisabeth!

People that we love from the Syrian Orthodox Church in Vienna

SyrianYoung people

Syrian Ladies
Ladies of the church with one of my best friends in Austria, Renate Amesbauer, President of WFWP-Austria
Tribe Photo for web -13
Dr. Emmanuel Aydin with Dietrich
Sacu family

Pastor Abouna Toma and his wife Mary

abouna toma

Mary Toma
Mary beloved wife of pastor Abouna Toma

Islek family


Ambassadors for Peace

Colleagues at the Schleiermacher Conference, June 1988


Ruth Richardson, Jerry Lawler and Dietrich at the conference

Cousine Renée with family


Cousine Renée, Michelle, daughter Lorraine, and son


Camille and Armandine Milleret


Lucien and Elise Cohendet


Jeanine and Aime Viard 


Alphonsine and husband, Elodie and husband, with Mereth and Elisabeth


Lianne’s French family

Family photo of Lianne’s family (Rene/Daniele/Florentine/Diane/Stephane)

Macha Rodriguez

Macha Rodriguez
Warm encounter in San Diego

Michele Greenspan

Dietrich is one of the persons in her life she will never forget. She lived 4 years in our house and became a very good friend.

Dr. George and Christine Verrilli


Randy and Sandy Lydon


Residents at Fairbanks Square Apartments

My beloved friends from Fairbanks Square who know how to support each other and have fun together. Cathy Shaver, Judith Biroscak, Maria Geremia, Mary Owen, Carol Phillipo, Fozia Hussain, Angie Addy, and High from Vietnam (excellent chef!) We had beautiful interfaith prayers together.

Mr. and Mrs. Ying, owners of Michita Restaurant in Wiener Neustadt

Luigi and family at Pizzeria La Spiga in Vienna



Happy to make commitment to family through drinking the Holy Wine

Marisa and John (not pictured) Moeller and daughter Tegan

Marisa Moeller

Dr. Heinrich Fink


Marie-Therese Agat


Michele Elkaim


Joe and Micheline Belanger


Henri Jamen

Elisabeth’s father with a trophy won by Diesa’s team

Friedmar and Inge Seidel


Dietrich’s father and step-mother

Peter and Hermi


Anders Mahlen and wife with Elisabeth

Mr. Josef, owner of Biergartl Restaurant, with Elisabeth

Warren Caasi with Elisabeth

Mr. Waldemar with Elisabeth

Mr. Frantisek with Elisabeth

Frau Lindau

Elise Dufour
Elise Dufour and husband with Elisabeth and Sandrine

Beatrice and George Juget

Jean and Mado Bigniardi

Cousines Clement
Elisabeth with cousins: Gerard and Karine Clement (back), Janine Chappelet (left), Elise Cohendet (right)

Sr. Dolores
Sister Dolores

Dorothy and Widows
Sister Dolores with Elisabeth and widowed ladies at “Bonne Nouvelle” residence: Therese Double, Paulette Bonnard, Yvette Magnin, Paulette Spagnolo, Odette Saunier, Olga Laymand

Sr Dolores Cathedral
Sister Dolores at St. Jean Cathedral

Florence Festasm
Laurenze Festa

Pere Euler
Entraigues, St. Jean-d’Arves, with Pere Euler

Ralph Packard

Ralph Packard
At the author event with Elisabeth at her book table

Join our tribe.

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