Our Tribe


Won’t you be part of our tribe?


Reiner and Barbara Vincenz and daughter Leena


Paul and Crystal Werner and family


Members of our tribe acknowledge the importance of family values, including marital fidelity, mutual commitment of husband and wife to each other and to raising children with good moral standards.


We agree on the following three points:

  • We love God – God is the invisible parent who loves everyone
  • We love our family – The family is the school of love, the cornerstone of society
  • We love each other – Brave men and women, tougher than you think, run in our family and tribe; we protect, serve, and care for each other as an extended family

Together we can make a world of peace, one family at a time.

Join our tribe.

Members of Our Tribe

Christiane Coste

Christiane Coste

Sebastian W. Huemer and Mereth E. Huemer


True Love is it!

God wants it, our ancestors want it! Our siblings and our families want it.
We all want it.
All nature wants it.

How beautiful that is already!

Jean Pierre and Naoko Nadal

photo nadal

Bob and Angelika Selle

Selle Family photo - Dec. 2013

May the Seidel tribe expand and expand, and become a wonderful force of true love that God can use in miraculous ways to help redeem this world!

Nicholas Viera (right)

God loves us and wants families to be eternal. As we follow His son we can achieve that goal He has for us.



Jason Hughes (left)

Families are eternal.

Barbara Rook

Barbara Rook

I am blessed to have Elisabeth in my life and as my friend.

Daniel Loriot


“Beloved auto mechanic”

Bernard and Emily DeLahaye and baby


Spiritual son

John and Marie Kirkley and family


Josiane Fredoux and family


“Beloved mama”

Kata Pasalic with son Anthony


“Most warm mama”

Amir, Negin and Raman Monfared


Join our tribe.


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