Introductory Talk by Dietrich Seidel

Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of St. Jean de Maurienne and Reconciliation between France and Austria

Why do we meet and enjoy dinner together? There are three reasons:

  • First, I have the honor to share with you my experience with efforts made in promoting interreligious dialogue in the US and Europe, in order to advance the goal of world peace through mutual respect among different religious traditions.
  • Second, we will become familiar with principles that support peaceful relationships among human beings. We will also learn about peace-building activities on the individual, national and global levels. It will become clear that throughout human history all those who stood up for the vision of universal peace had to endure a life of suffering and sacrifice.
  • Third, today we will celebrate several new Ambassadors for Peace and at the same time we will realize that each life has the potential for contributing to the process of building a world of cooperation and harmony.

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The World at a Turning Point: Considering Innovative Approaches to Peace Through Responsible Leadership and Good Governance, 2003

Session IV: The Central Role of the Family in Personality Development

“The Family is the only secure foundation. You must have the support and love of a family or you don’t have much at all.”


Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honor for me to speak to you today. Let me start with a brief personal introduction. It is now more than thirty years that I have lived in the U.S. and Canada. While teaching subjects in theology and philosophy in several academic institutions, I developed a special interest for the field of marriage and family. Being married to my loving wife Elisabeth, who is from France, we both treasure the experience of having raised one son, Chris, and one daughter, Diesa, who are now young adults. Being keenly aware of our share of mistakes in building our family, we thought it would be a good idea to allow other couples to learn from our experience. Thus, we conduct relationship enrichment seminars with the goal of helping couples and families to discover the power of genuine love.

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Book Review: An Understanding of Sin and Redemption in Traditional Christianity and in Unification Theology. Doctoral thesis by Alfred O’Connor, University of Wales, 1995

Published in Journal of Unification Studies Vol. 1, 1997 – Pages 139-142

Alfred O’Connor’s Ph.D. thesis, “An Understanding of Sin and Redemption in Traditional Christianity and in Unification Theology,” is, in my view, a ground-breaking effort in the process of affirming academic respectability for the discussion of Unification theology in scholarly circles. The Faculty of Arts of St. David’s University College at the University of Wales, Lampeter, Great Britain, and in particular the thesis supervisor Prof. Paul Badham, have to be commended for their pioneer spirit of approving an in-depth comparative analysis between Unification theology and traditional Christian theology on the Ph.D. level.

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