From Josef & Lilly Gundacker

Dietrich taught us the Marriage Enrichment Course in 2006 on the phone in the days before we knew about webinars. It was so exciting to be participating at a UTS course from our own home in the Austrian country-side. It was probably also the beginning of our work in preparation for founding the Family Forum in Austria which has since had representations at the UN in Geneva and Vienna.

I want to say THANK YOU Dieter, for the exemplary life you lived! You´ve lived your life for God and T rue Parents and have been an inspiration to brothers and sisters throughout the world. The Marriage Enrichment Course was not a regular seminar, it enriched our life and our marriage. In Spirit World you will enrich the life of many more people. So I wish you God´s Blessing on your new journey. Your footprints here in the physical world will remain.