From Marie Ang

Dear Elisabeth,

I hope this find you well. I know you said you were going to be in Europe this summer. We think of you often.

During the past week or so I ordered your book, “Beloveds Forever Together” from Amazon and just finished reading it. What a beautiful expression of your relationship with Dietrich! In my mind, I heard your voices as I read each letter.

But I wanted to share this with you: As I began reading it, I thought how brave you are to share such intimate letters so openly, but as I read on through your more trying and difficult times, I could see how you persevered through difficult circumstances and made it through to an absolutely beautiful relationship. It is a testimony to the strength we have when we are united for a common purpose beyond ourselves and have to work through personality differences, difficult situations, etc. You and Dietrich are a great example of that and you were willing to share your journey with others. Also, I’m sure it was very helpful to you as you are adjusting to Dietrich’s physical absence. Dietrich is such a special person and certainly left his mark on this earth!

Just want to say Thank You, Elisabeth… gave me much food for thought.

In gratitude,

Marie Ang