2023 – Year of HOPE

May this new year of the Black Rabbit bring new hope to your life!

As we celebrate this new year let’s take care of our spiritual life-with inspiration and prayers to make a new world of love. Let love for our neighbors and all humankind be our new lifestyle.

Thinking is praying, said one of my pastors. Today I just made a prayer jar, copying my pastor Sebastian, who has a big one in his church. Besides my daily devotion, and prayers regimen, I can pick a card and send loving thoughts, intentions, and sincere devotion for the prayer requested. I also bought some Bible quotes written in 50 colorful cards, one to read every day. Loving words from above. Positive, loving, sharing, caring words erase the darkness, and bring new hope into the world.

When I visited Sebastian and Mereth’s church house, I felt the vibration of true love and care for everyone. It is in giving that we receive.

You can e-mail me your prayer requests. They will go into my prayer jar and be sent to Heaven regularly.

Below you will find the link to watch an introduction to the Rally of Hope. This is an international universal series of events with many high-level influential speakers explaining the deplorable state of our world, and why we should have hope.

Introducing the Rally of Hope

L’espoir fait vivre!

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

God’s Problem Solvers

We Blessed Couples who have received the Holy Marriage Blessing are God’s problem solvers.
People are suffering here on earth. There is so much dysfunction and division. Sin is an addiction for most people. We are here every day to solve problems.
I remember when my husband, Dietrich, was counseling couples, he could always think of a remedy for their different difficult situations:

  • The first one was always to keep faith.  
  • The second one, go to church together. This acts like a protection. We always need protection every single day of our life.
  • Then, always pray together. This is our anchor, our stabilizer. Our assurance for Heavenly Parent to be with us.  

I do not like to eat alone. I know for sure my husband does not like to eat alone either.
Now that Dietrich is no longer with me on the earth, I wish I could just see him next to me again.
In fact, we Blessed Couples are supposed to open up the communication between the two worlds. Even though we are not mediums, we can talk by feelings, sending loving thoughts, and receiving joyful impressions.
Sharing heartfelt sorrows rejuvenates our spirit of love, because we need to function as a couple in two different worlds, always together. As Dietrich said “Beloveds, forever together.” This way we continue to be God’s problem solvers.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

Our Ancestors

A young man about 22 years old shared his story.

Every day as he was riding in a van with other youngsters to go places for his Christian mission, he would see what he called one of his ancestors riding on a horse next to the van and from time to time he would shoot at things hazardous to his wellbeing. He felt so peaceful and safe, because the knight was eliminating all negative influences before they could reach him.
Myself, I also receive insights, especially in the time between sleep and awakening: a word from my husband from the other side, an encouragement, a strong intuition, a matter of fact, a direction, a sure thing to do, an idea, a change of schedule, something I must do, something I must not do.
Prayers open our senses. The other day it seemed there were lots of people in my room. I heard them say: “She is our daughter on a mission. She is one of the 3000 who first opened the gates of Heaven.”
Our ancestors are real and eager to help us to accomplish our heavenly dreams.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

How I Prayed His Bicycle Away

In the early times of our marriage, we were penniless and Dietrich used a bike to go to his classes at the university. There was a lot of traffic in busy Toronto and I was afraid for his life, and I told him I do not like his bike.

In Austria they bike everywhere. Like the French needs their baguette every morning, the Austrian needs their bike. It seemed to me though that Vienna was more like a big slow village and Toronto was a modern, fast, too busy city. My husband refused to let his bike go, because it was so convenient and close to his heart, his country’s habit.

There was no way he would listen to me. So, I prayed his bike away.

With luck and prayers his beloved bike was stolen. I felt such relief, thanking God while Dietrich was kind of upset having to take the bus from this time on.

When communication does not work, you can always pray for your godly wish to come true!

My husband was a die-hard missionary who always liked to sleep on the hard floor. He was used to the tough and rough life of missionary going around America, sleeping in vans, and witnessing or fundraising in the burning hot sun of Arizona or New York’s cold winter.

After our marriage, when I moved in with him and he was a student at the University of Toronto studying theology, he had just a very small bachelor room rented from a group of students. There was only one single bed in there. So, in the middle of the night, when it was becoming too crowded in the narrow bed, he would tumble down and sleep on the floor.

Because of his habits, he never complained. He was always humble and satisfied. He was always happy living an ascetic life, and suddenly he had a demanding wife not crazy about this lifestyle. Fortunately, shortly after, when a child was on its way, we could move to the married student apartment building which was a step up.

I never forgot how humble my husband was, and how humility can take you anywhere you want to go or to be. Even after he received his Ph.D., he never ever took on the air of someone who was achieving something, or proud of anything that could make him superior in any way. Living tough and rough gave him a steel will, and a life of devotion gave him compassion and true love for others. These were the foundation for a good and happy marriage.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, we moved to Barrytown, New York where Dietrich started teaching at the Unification Theological Seminary. There were no buses to go anywhere, and we had two children by then. It was time to think about getting a cheap car.

We looked at advertisements in the newspaper. One car was advertised for 2000 dollars in Syracuse. We were still penniless, and thought we could borrow money. But God’s angels were already working with us and for us.

When we arrived at the wonderful couple’s house in Syracuse, Dietrich became instant friends with them, sharing his life of faith with them over coffee. The couple was so moved that the car became half price. We could buy it for 1000 dollars.

Here we are with our car

God always works in mysterious ways, loving us and caring for us in our day-to-day life.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

Proclamations, Declarations, Pledges, Vows and Promises

When a president takes office, he put his hand on the Bible and pledges, “…. so help me God.” He is taking a stand. He is promising what he is going to do. He is involving our almighty. He is making a declaration, a commitment.
The Pilgrims took a stand to put God first. This guided their life. They affirmed it; they declared it; they pledged it. This was the resolution which brought good fortune to them and America. They kept their word; they were trustworthy.
The Declaration of Independence was such a pledge before God.
When our first president George Washington was at Valley Forge, he kneeled in prayer. The task and responsibility were too much to bear for one person alone. He had to make a decision which was unbearable by himself. He searched for answers coming from heaven.

This is why we are moved in our heart and mind, and in awe when we see this historical portrait of our famous and beloved president submitting to our Heavenly Parent. It stirs our original mind that we should always include God.

God is a dramatic God. He can change the course of history in an instant, at the last minute. On all our coins it is written “In God we trust.” We receive answers if we knock and ask.
We affirm there is a God. We pray, we greet God every morning. We pray again, and then some more. Then we start resembling God. We keep our Heavenly Parent in our life; we never let go.
When we marry, we also make a vow. We pledge fidelity and to be together for better and for worse. We keep our vows. They are sacred. We do not vacillate in between. We keep our pledge. The family is the cornerstone of society, so it starts from there.
At our wedding Dietrich and I made a vow that we would stay together even beyond this world, because true love can transcend also the spirit world, where we enter the world of the heart, the realm of liberation. We wanted to be the guardians of true love.
May all your affirmations and proclamations this year brings good fortune and blessings to you, your family: husband, wife, sons and daughters. Because truly the family is the starting point of experiencing true love.
Elisabeth Seidel