About a Loving Marriage

In an article on “Secrets for a successful marriage,” my husband Dietrich talked about the marriage experts who put great emphasis on the spouses’ character development, that is, their attitude and internal disposition:

In fact, most marital advice has to do with strengthening the roots of human relationships. Like the roots of a tree, our internal disposition also needs to be firmly grounded in the solid foundation of our value system and world view so we can brave even the greatest storms.

To achieve a good marriage, we need to develop two areas, namely, internal attitudes and external skills. Internal attitudes have to do with our spiritual lives, which define the roots of our marriages, while external skills focus on building and nourishing our marital bond.

To nourish our marital bond Dietrich and I loved nature walks. My best memories are in walking the mountains of Austria and France through the hot sunshine, rain, or snow. The trees became our friends. They were part of ourselves, as well as the sky and the sun and the wild animals. He always preferred the unmarked paths down the mud and the hills. But to please me most of the time we walked the well-marked paths, the ones which almost always arrived at the next hut where special hot soup or other Austrian specialties were awaiting us.

I was receiving so much love and care going hand in hand with my beloved and absorbing in my body and soul the energizing and life-giving elements of nature. He never failed to mention each time and every time how most beautiful God’s creation is.


About Prayer

Prayer with tears liberates the heart and feeds the soul.

Talk to God as if He was your ideal Father or your ideal Mother, sharing your feelings of joy, sadness, worry, pain, disappointment, failures, victories and liberation.

At this time in history God, our Heavenly Parent, wants to find ALL His children and communicate with all of us. We are living in a most special time where we can connect again and feel His guidance.

Some words from my beloved husband on prayer:

“Prayer is a necessary condition for deepening our life of faith. Beyond this I try to crystallize the goal that life itself becomes prayer as a fulfilling and joyful experience.

Since prayer is the expression of our partnership with God we have to know our partner—His will, character, desire, and even His opinion about us. Jesus Christ revealed to us the suffering heart of the Father about the loss of His children in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Unfortunately, this central message is many times replaced by an impersonal feeling toward God, a feeling triggered through an overemphasis on God’s omniscience, omnipotence and holiness. If we understand God primarily as our loving Parent whose heart is grieving because of man’s rejection, then we realize the dimension of God’s compassion for the speedy return of all His children. This will be the foundation for our new understanding of prayer. The ‘You’ we speak to God should be closer, more intimate, than the ‘you’ we speak to our dearest friend, spouse, or even ourselves.”

Hoping you are all well, and sending prayers your way.

Your friend Elisabeth

Sending Love Your Way

In the earlier years of our marriage my husband, Dietrich, was often late coming home and did not have the habit of calling to let me know. There were no cell phones at that time but I was still expecting a call.

This was hard on me as I am a natural worrier. What happened? Where is he? Did something happen? And so on for as long as he was not home.

But because his Ph.D. thesis dealt with marriage and family in the Christian tradition, he studied this topic deeply and I think one reason he became my true love is because he studied this intensely and became better and better at it.

So I wish to share with you all our friends, our family, and our tribe some of his findings. And my other wish is to communicate with you all every month.

For this month of April, 2018, here it is.

This is my husband speaking now:

“My hope and joy about life was rooted in the experience of a loving family and I knew already as a youngster that priests were not permitted to marry.

From that time on, I repeatedly asked myself questions about God and His providence. I especially had questions about why Jesus could not marry and have his own family and in this way be an example for his followers.”

This has been the thinking of Dietrich since a youngster. Later on, he also said:

“Building my marriage with Elisabeth and raising our children became for me the path of discovering the heart of God. I soon realized that beyond all my theological studies and intellectual pursuits, it is through the experience of loving human relationships, and in particular family life, that God wants to be present among us.”

So that is it for today. Hoping you are all well; if you need prayer support let me know. I pray everyday for people in need with my prayer partner.

God bless you always.

Your friend Elisabeth