End of Times and Kingdom of God

This morning I stopped at my Wells Fargo bank in sunny San Diego. My teller, Laura, had a sign stuck under her name. It says: I am Ukrainian. She was a pretty, blonde young lady with sparkles in her hair in the form of pink barrettes, like princesses have, and sparkling rings on her fingers.

I told her “I am so sorry for all the suffering in your country,” and asked her if she had relatives there. She said her mom and dad just made it to America and now are staying with her, but all her other relatives were killed and died in the first two days of the war. For a moment I thought I misunderstood. She repeated it and was teary-eyed. I became teary-eyed too, and could not contain my tears as my heart was going out to her people.

As you all know by now my husband and I are from Europe, Austria-Germany and France. From Dietrich’s side there are ancestors as well from Hungary and some other eastern countries. In fact, Gisela, my husband’s sister, and I had planned an adventure trip (which was never realized) to take the train from Vienna, Austria, through Hungary and arrive at the first town in Ukraine, and spend the night there. Hungary is on the border of Ukraine.

I always felt Hungarians and Ukrainians are the same family, and all of my and my husband’s ancestors are one family now. We come from so many different countries and they all share the same descendants with my Americans kids. How can we fight?

One day I had a beautiful experience in Hungary, in Sopron. Lots of Viennese go there (one hour by train from Vienna) because it is very cheap there: the restaurants, clothing, massage parlor, hair salon etc. The city is also very artistic and I went there several times to connect with the life of our ancestors’ family.

A few years ago when I went to my habitual hair stylist there, she asked where my husband was as he usually came to pick me up and return together to Vienna. I told her he passed away, and then she remembered all the beautiful moments she witnessed with our couple. She started shedding tears for someone she saw just a few times. I did not know that our love could reach a stranger. She remembered my man.

I read in the news that at least 50 trains a day are pouring into Vienna, coming from Ukraine through Hungary with refugees from the war zone. May they finally find peace as they rebuild their lives, and may global leaders pray to find a way to global peace in consultation with God.

What I wanted to say is we are all one family under God, Our Heavenly Parent, who since the beginning of time wished to have only loving families who care for and love each other. God could not prevent the fall of man because he gave us freedom and responsibility.

Freedom is so precious; people now are giving their lives for it. We are born free, but because of the fall of man we needed a savior. Jesus came and went and said he will come back.

When the marriage supper of the lamb happens will we see the signs, and recognize the Lord of the Second Advent and his bride who will show the way of true love, and after all these terrors of wars and rumors of war truly establish the kingdom of God on this earth, together with us with our own hands.

Watch the video above to learn more about God’s kingdom.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

How I Prayed His Bicycle Away

In the early times of our marriage, we were penniless and Dietrich used a bike to go to his classes at the university. There was a lot of traffic in busy Toronto and I was afraid for his life, and I told him I do not like his bike.

In Austria they bike everywhere. Like the French needs their baguette every morning, the Austrian needs their bike. It seemed to me though that Vienna was more like a big slow village and Toronto was a modern, fast, too busy city. My husband refused to let his bike go, because it was so convenient and close to his heart, his country’s habit.

There was no way he would listen to me. So, I prayed his bike away.

With luck and prayers his beloved bike was stolen. I felt such relief, thanking God while Dietrich was kind of upset having to take the bus from this time on.

When communication does not work, you can always pray for your godly wish to come true!

My husband was a die-hard missionary who always liked to sleep on the hard floor. He was used to the tough and rough life of missionary going around America, sleeping in vans, and witnessing or fundraising in the burning hot sun of Arizona or New York’s cold winter.

After our marriage, when I moved in with him and he was a student at the University of Toronto studying theology, he had just a very small bachelor room rented from a group of students. There was only one single bed in there. So, in the middle of the night, when it was becoming too crowded in the narrow bed, he would tumble down and sleep on the floor.

Because of his habits, he never complained. He was always humble and satisfied. He was always happy living an ascetic life, and suddenly he had a demanding wife not crazy about this lifestyle. Fortunately, shortly after, when a child was on its way, we could move to the married student apartment building which was a step up.

I never forgot how humble my husband was, and how humility can take you anywhere you want to go or to be. Even after he received his Ph.D., he never ever took on the air of someone who was achieving something, or proud of anything that could make him superior in any way. Living tough and rough gave him a steel will, and a life of devotion gave him compassion and true love for others. These were the foundation for a good and happy marriage.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, we moved to Barrytown, New York where Dietrich started teaching at the Unification Theological Seminary. There were no buses to go anywhere, and we had two children by then. It was time to think about getting a cheap car.

We looked at advertisements in the newspaper. One car was advertised for 2000 dollars in Syracuse. We were still penniless, and thought we could borrow money. But God’s angels were already working with us and for us.

When we arrived at the wonderful couple’s house in Syracuse, Dietrich became instant friends with them, sharing his life of faith with them over coffee. The couple was so moved that the car became half price. We could buy it for 1000 dollars.

Here we are with our car

God always works in mysterious ways, loving us and caring for us in our day-to-day life.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

My To-Dos for the New Year

  • On getting up let’s be grateful
    (A grateful heart can kill negativity, dysfunction, and even digest cancer cells.)
  • Let’s talk or pray to Heaven
    (Every day we need a greater power than ourselves to deal with life’s ordeals.)
  • Read or listen to something meaningful
    (Choose a sentence or take away for the day. Last week one of my sentences was “a mother’s prayer can open the gates of Heaven.”)
  • Sing in the shower
    (My husband and son singing together in perfect harmony brought me joy.)
  • Put on a smile as part of getting dressed
  • On your way to work or other places greet nature, the colors, the beauties around you
    (My Heavenly Father made them!)
  • Greet someone with love, send some compliments
    (A kind word is balm for the soul.)
  • Love intentionally
    (Uplift someone.)
  • Check your thoughts
    (Train yourself to pattern them in a high frequency so that negativity does not reach you.)
  • Be mindful of what you are saying, and the way you are saying it
  • Take a lunch walk, it does wonders for your soul
  • Have talk therapy
    (It is better than doctors.)
  • Make sure you have a good friend or two
    (Reach out with love, love conquers all.)
  • Develop lasting heartistic relationships all throughout your life
  • Learn about real love, forgiving love, true love
  • Declutter your home as a way to de-stress, as the energy will flow freely and beauty will surround you. Start with 10 minutes a day for a particular corner. You will sleep better too in a calm and serene environment. You will be healthier, and new things will come your way.
    (One of my best therapies to order my thoughts and my life is to clean a drawer. It is like looking in my subconscious and making order and discovering new treasures. New things cannot come in an overstuffed environment.)
  • As we bring beauty and love around us and in relationships we are creating a beautiful world like a piece of heaven
  • Classical music will change the atmosphere in your home, it will bring a happy vibe

Here are some tips from the French professor Dr Joyeux for your good health:

  • Take at least one hour for your meal and chew very well
    (The French are well known to take time for their meals, as a sacred time with family members and loved ones; a time to share, to catch up with each other. Nobody is answering the phone during this time, and nobody dares to disturb. My best childhood memories are around the table. Children can be excused only at the end, at dessert time. If missionaries go to France they are asked not to knock on doors at meal times.)
  • Eat lots of organic vegetables and fruits
  • Eat the fruits first; sweet, then salty
  • Eat organic whole grains and organic whole bread. Do not worry about gluten, it is just a fad
  • Eat fruits of the sea (the pesticides will disappear with the cooking)
  • Eat one boiled egg a day; the yellow part should be liquid
  • Eat the products of the bees: bee pollen, propolis (a natural antibiotic), royal jelly, honey
  • Eat the products of the olive tree: black olives, olive oil, leaves of the olive tree as a healthy tea
  • A glass of red wine without sulphates is good for you
    (In France what do you expect! It is cheaper than juice. I was raised as a child with some red wine mixed with water with my meal. Since the mixing with water did not appeal to me, I quit pretty quickly.)

I hope these tips will keep you healthy in spirit and body for the year to come.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

May His Kingdom Come!

The reason for Jesus’ coming was to establish the kingdom of God on the earth.

Jesus brought a revolutionary heart when he said “God is your father.”
No one never said such a thing before, that we are children of God, that God is our father.

Jesus was proclaimed the Prince of Peace, Christ, and Messiah. He fought evil all his life and one of his ministries was to liberate people from evil spirits and heal them. He saw that the evil spirits could give people diseases and disfunction. That is why today we feel the power of those evil forces, and there will be wars and rumors of war before Christ comes again.

Another of his great statements was, “Love your enemy.” Those powerful declarations can conquer the world.

He also said that he will come back to fulfill the marriage supper of the lamb. Today we are living in such a time as this. It means that at his return, Jesus will find his bride. And with this event (the marriage supper of the lamb) his kingdom will finally be firmly established on the earth.

He prayed, “May your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” We will then enter the kingdom as couples. People will have to learn to love with true love. It will take a revolution of heart. It will not be easy. But the Second Coming will show the model. The first coming emphasized individual salvation; the second coming will be to establish family salvation.

We love Jesus even 2000 years after his first coming. And, as my neighbor said, he feels it in his bones that Jesus is coming soon, or already came again.

May you be blessed this coming holiday season.

Healing Hands

I remember the first time Dietrich held my hand. Just minutes after seeing me, he took both my hands into his, and said he liked me.

The second time he took my hand was a few days after our Holy Marriage Blessing, when I visited him in Barrytown. We went for a walk somewhere beautiful together with his friend, Dr. Masuda, and his new wife. Both couples were holding hands. I recall the nature being more beautiful than usual. The deer were greeting us. To walk hand in hand with my new husband was a heavenly experience; so much electricity and love was passing through our touch. Throughout our life we always held hands.

I also remember when I was in the midst of trouble, hardship, sorrow, confusion, in the midst of tears, just to know his hand was near, and I could reach out to him, gave me courage to go on. Without his hand nearby I could not persevere.

I remember sometimes feeling exhausted at night, refusing to stand another 5 minutes, or refusing to get up in the early morning. But hearing his voice praying to heaven, I felt so comforted and secure. It was music to my ears. Then I would ask him to massage me back to life. His touch transformed my depleted energy into new hope and new life. Hands have healing energy.

When my mother was spending her last days on earth at the retirement home in our hometown, my family took turns to be with her so that she was never alone. She was very scared of dying, because during her life she did not take the opportunity to love God, did not want to, or could not do it because she had endured so much pain and difficult circumstances. But somehow, she loved her son-in-law like her own son. So, Dietrich was assigned to be with her at night.

She wanted to hold hands during the day with my brother or me, her daughter. She held our hands very tenaciously. Even when she could not talk or drink anymore, holding on to our hands was the last sign of life. At night my husband would hold her hands with gratitude and deep love for his mother-in-law. He would sing lullabies to her.

When I remember the scene of my mom dying and Dietrich holding her hands singing lullabies from his sleeping bag on the floor next to her, tears roll down my cheeks. It was really comforting and beautiful. God must have been comforted by this scene as well.

Before Dietrich passed, he was in the ICU intubated because he could not breathe anymore. The doctors had to trap his hands in what looked like handcuffs so that he would not take the tube out of his mouth. The moment I came to visit I would liberate him and hold his depleted hands. And when it was his time to go, the night before our daughter Diesa, holding his hand, asked him to wait a little longer until we all came again to say good bye.

The hands of blessed couples receive the divine power of Heavenly Parent. Now that Dietrich is not here, how I long to hold his hand again.

America, Land that We Love

When I first came to America with a group from Europe, my spiritual daughter Christiane, who was already there, handed me a beautiful huge Hallmark card which said: “America land that we love.”

At that time, I had never heard about Hallmark cards, and was overwhelmed by the sky scrapers. It felt like I was stepping in another world a new world, a dream world, so different from the European countries where we were coming from. It seemed that we had already made the decision that America was the land we loved.

I love America because when you first arrive in New York from somewhere else, you feel liberated.

I love America because if you go out for breakfast there is bottomless coffee, as many as you wish. If you are a senior, it is discounted. In my country if you order a coffee and they happen to be busy, you remind them and they bring two coffees instead. Even if you order just one, they make you pay for two anyway.

I love America because there are Burger Kings everywhere. They always make it YOUR way.

When I go to France or Austria and miss America, I go to a Burger King.

I love America because you can order drinks with free refills. The drink size makes you feel so loved: Small, medium, large, and supersize.

I love America because the ice creams are jumbo size, with glittery colorful candies, nuts and chocolate on top.

I love America because if you take the bus and happen to have no change, sometimes they can let you ride anyway.

I love America because if you are working for a cause you like, you can do a “GoFundMe” and strangers donate.

I love America because if your neighbor catches you with a tear drop, she will ask what’s wrong, and before you know it her whole church is praying for you.

I love America because on his death bed my dad told me: Always remember and be grateful that the Americans saved us during the war here in France. They have strength, leadership, generosity, power, courage and love.

I love America because it is the country of Elvis Presley.

I love America, because this is where I met my true love.

I love America because my children are Canadian, French, and above all American. They can be all of the above.

But mostly I love America because on the coins it says “In God we trust.”

But mostly I love America because some states like South Dakota can affirm in their motto “Under God the people rule,” and their governor’s motto is “family and faith.”

But mostly I love America because it has been God’s country.

Wonderful cats

My spiritual father Reiner Vincenz loved cats.

He had a longing heart for France, the country of Joan of Arc. As a German missionary in the late 1960s, a young man then, he arrived in Paris to bring a new revelation from God. Penniless, hungry, lonely and rejected at the beginning, he felt comforted and guided by Joan’s apparitions and messages to him. But specially, he felt loved and inspired by cats! They would be in unexpected places, giving him signs of hope.

When I arrived in my hometown in the magnificent French Alps with my daughter this summer, we were greeted by an absolutely persistent, determined, loving cat. He came out of nowhere the moment we stepped out of our car, and decided to follow us and adopted us for an hour or so.

This “Katze” came with us up the hill. We would say Chat viens! (Cat come) and he would come as a dog would. When we sat on a bench, we said Chat viens and he jumped between us on the bench.
What an amazing cat! I saw it as a sign from Heaven from my spiritual father who was encouraging me: Continue on the way always with hope, faith, love and determination, like Katze le chat.

Before departing for France, our spiritual son and friend Sebastian gave me a quote which has been my motto over the summer:
Car à ses anges il donnera des ordres à ton sujet, pour qu ils te protègent sur tes chemins (For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways.) Psalm 91:11.
I meditated every day on this saying that I was indeed protected by God’s angels. A fuzzy warm feeling came over me.
During our stay, we also went to visit Provence where one can see fields of blue lavender and where the sun always shines. Our hosts, Alphonsine and Claude, had prepared Provence style rooms and hospitality.
On the way there, we had so many experiences where everything was ready for us, organized by my angels. When the parking lot was full, one lady stood at the parking place waiting for us to arrive and park right there. She was an English teacher and happy to receive my bookmarks as a small thank you.
In another town, with the same busy summer crowd, out of the blue one shop keeper said, use my parking permit as long as you need it. The police know me, and I will not get a ticket but you will.

Manosque is a charming town in the south, not far from Aix en Provence and Grasse where delicious and exquisite perfumes are produced from fields of colorful flowers and scents of the south of France.
It is the town where Jean Giono was born and lived. He wrote Le hussard sur le toit (The Horseman on the Roof) which became a famous movie, and one of my favorite ones. Jean Giono wrote so poetically and with much heart.
When I was standing in front of his house, Jean gave me a sign that he was with me and happy that I could visit his town. I felt a shiver on my scalp. This translates as a message from spirit world, from the world unseen, as they greet me.
As we were touring the city, the city workers approached us if we wanted a kitten found in one of the town’s recycling bins. Alphonsine already had three cats and we were traveling so could not.

Coming back home to my adopted country of America, a cat was waiting for me.

His name is Winston. He likes to live on our porch, and comes inside only for eating or being petted. He is the outdoor cat who claimed our porch as his and took dominion there.

When it rains or thunders, he is a bit scared and runs under the porch, even though there are two cat houses on the porch that he could use. He likes it free and rough and sleeps on the hard floor. He is protecting my house and guarding it. Most of all he keeps away the mice. The good part is I speak French to him, and we understand each other.

What wonderful cats!

Bird Stories

A long time ago, when I was living in Italy, one day I started dancing in the streets of Milano. I was feeling so happy I was literally running to the Unification Church center because I thought I had finally found what I was looking for.
One night, coming back home and feeling emotionally distressed and disturbed by what I was learning, and losing at that time my so called “boyfriend,” I threw my bag and coat on the sofa and headed to the kitchen. There were two birds in a cage there with the purpose of singing for me or on display for me to look at their beautiful colors. I sat by the kitchen table and started crying. That’s what I do if I do not know how to find my way.
Warm tears started falling from my eyes. I noticed when I started crying the birds started singing. I paused, and they paused too. Then I started crying again, then sobbing. The more I was sobbing the more the birds sang with joy and more loudly. How could this be?  I thought, I am in turmoil and those birds seems happy about my circumstances.
It was God’s plan back then, through the beautiful creation that God made, He gave me insight that all those dramas will pass, and that He had me on the road He wanted me to be on. The road where I would find my direction, and the true purpose of my life, my life mission and above all the man of my life, my true love for eternity. Love cannot be felt alone. We arrive at the kingdom in pairs.
Blossom-headed parakeets
Lately I have been working together with Dr. Tanabe a colleague of my husband, Dietrich. She also has birds in her kitchen. When talking meaningful things, or sharing some passages to include in a book, or a new idea, her birds would accompany our discussions with joyful singing. And when they sang louder than our voices, we were on the right track. We felt God’s touch every time this happened.
Rev. Moon, affectionately called True Father, shared this bird story in a message entitled “Where And How Do You Want To Live Your Life?” which he gave at Belvedere on June 9, 1996:

When Father was growing up he felt he had to conquer every aspect of creation. Once Father caught a mother bird and three baby birds together and kept them in his house. At that point Father didn’t realize that there was a father bird. All of a sudden the father bird appeared and began to cry in a sad voice. When this father bird looked at Father, he cried even more sadly because True Father was the destroyer of this bird’s family. Then Father released the birds, one by one. The sad tone of the father bird’s song lessened. Finally, when all three baby birds were released this father bird seemed content. But when the mother bird was released then the whole family of birds greeted Father and then flew away. How did Father know that they came and greeted him? Because they circled Father’s house and then flew away.

We can learn so much about life and love from birds. Birds are truly comforting to people’s heart.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

Married at First Sight

Last night I felt drawn to the reality tv series called “Married at First Sight.”

Since there are so many singles feeling lonely and looking for love and marriage, a team of psychologists, sexologists, sociologists and marriage counselors matched six couples from a large pool of volunteers. These six couples, matched by this team of experts, were supposed to marry the moment they met each other.

It looked a bit like my own matching and wedding.

In fact, those six couples, in my opinion, looked like excellent matches for each other. Even though this team of professionals claimed that nobody did this before, I have to say the Rev. Moon did exactly that during his life time.

With insight and intuition, by looking spiritually into our lineage of ancestors, and through our body characteristics, he would determine the best matches. But we still had our portion of responsibility to make our marriage work.

In his book, “Reflections on Unification Theology: Revealing the World of Heart,” my husband, Dietrich, wrote:

“God’s vertical love is perfected through the horizontal love of human beings, in the highest form through the husband-and-wife relationship. That model is then extended to how families relate to each other, and how nations relate to each other. The whole Kingdom of God is characterized by these loving relationships.”

When we resemble God, that is our original value, our divine value. And, as Dietrich stated, we resemble God through the love relationship of a couple in a God-centered marriage. We can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven with our spouse. This is our salvation.

Today we need to recover the family, which has been under attack since the beginning of time. If we do not have a family, we do not have much at all.

That is why singles feel lonely and want to find love, and why popular television shows like “Married at First Sight” attract many viewers.

I pray you find your true love.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

The new “Handsome” comes from North Korea!

Usually, I do not like to watch any series on television. Most of the time I find them boring or not interesting, although I do like “The Crown” stories of the British queen.
Then I tried another series, this time from Korea, and I simply loved it. “Crash Landing on You” is the story of a rich South Korean girl, head of a business empire, who while paragliding in bad weather landed in North Korea. She becomes trapped there, and during the series, you follow her adventures trying to go back to South Korea, in the meantime falling in love with a young high official.
The new handsome, superman comes from over there. The emotions there are strong. Their love is from their bone marrow. The food tastes like heaven.
I just loved it. Being transported to another world where I never went before, but someone found true love there.

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon chaired the inaugural meeting of the International Alliance for a Unified Korea. Nicknamed “Think Tank 2022,” this initiative comprises an international network of experts dedicated to a collaborative search for solutions to world problems, including the re-unification of the Korean peninsula, still divided into the communist North and democratic South even 7 decades after the cease fire that was the culmination of the Korean War.

If unification can be achieved in Korea, it will be the beginning of peace for the whole world. If one can do it, everybody can do it. It is fascinating. Please watch the latest news from Korea, “Sowing Seeds of Peace,” with crème de la crème presenters and well-known politicians in Think Tank 2022.

Elisabeth Seidel