About Prayer

Prayer with tears liberates the heart and feeds the soul.

Talk to God as if He was your ideal Father or your ideal Mother, sharing your feelings of joy, sadness, worry, pain, disappointment, failures, victories and liberation.

At this time in history God, our Heavenly Parent, wants to find ALL His children and communicate with all of us. We are living in a most special time where we can connect again and feel His guidance.

Some words from my beloved husband on prayer:

“Prayer is a necessary condition for deepening our life of faith. Beyond this I try to crystallize the goal that life itself becomes prayer as a fulfilling and joyful experience.

Since prayer is the expression of our partnership with God we have to know our partner—His will, character, desire, and even His opinion about us. Jesus Christ revealed to us the suffering heart of the Father about the loss of His children in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Unfortunately, this central message is many times replaced by an impersonal feeling toward God, a feeling triggered through an overemphasis on God’s omniscience, omnipotence and holiness. If we understand God primarily as our loving Parent whose heart is grieving because of man’s rejection, then we realize the dimension of God’s compassion for the speedy return of all His children. This will be the foundation for our new understanding of prayer. The ‘You’ we speak to God should be closer, more intimate, than the ‘you’ we speak to our dearest friend, spouse, or even ourselves.”

Hoping you are all well, and sending prayers your way.

Your friend Elisabeth

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