Sending Love Your Way

In the earlier years of our marriage my husband, Dietrich, was often late coming home and did not have the habit of calling to let me know. There were no cell phones at that time but I was still expecting a call.

This was hard on me as I am a natural worrier. What happened? Where is he? Did something happen? And so on for as long as he was not home.

But because his Ph.D. thesis dealt with marriage and family in the Christian tradition, he studied this topic deeply and I think one reason he became my true love is because he studied this intensely and became better and better at it.

So I wish to share with you all our friends, our family, and our tribe some of his findings. And my other wish is to communicate with you all every month.

For this month of April, 2018, here it is.

This is my husband speaking now:

“My hope and joy about life was rooted in the experience of a loving family and I knew already as a youngster that priests were not permitted to marry.

From that time on, I repeatedly asked myself questions about God and His providence. I especially had questions about why Jesus could not marry and have his own family and in this way be an example for his followers.”

This has been the thinking of Dietrich since a youngster. Later on, he also said:

“Building my marriage with Elisabeth and raising our children became for me the path of discovering the heart of God. I soon realized that beyond all my theological studies and intellectual pursuits, it is through the experience of loving human relationships, and in particular family life, that God wants to be present among us.”

So that is it for today. Hoping you are all well; if you need prayer support let me know. I pray everyday for people in need with my prayer partner.

God bless you always.

Your friend Elisabeth

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