The Gates of Heaven Cracked Open:

A spiritual trip to Belvedere on waking up

Belvedere, where the four-leaf clovers grow
Where my Father spoke
Reviving the dead people
Making them whole
And holy
Dreaming of the new world
To come.
With the word
We were revived,
Every Sunday,
At the break of dawn
Never heard before.
They pierced our soul
With light
And love
And truth.
Words never heard
So deep
The place where God came
To meet the True Parents
And us.
After it seemed centuries of our life
Those who followed The True Father
And the True Mother
Came to Belvedere to finally crack open
Those are my brothers and sisters
With their spiritual powers
And loving thoughts
Beyond this world
Pushing together the impossible dream of our life,
The Gates of Heaven cracked open.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel