I am Your Child, Please Always Check on Me

When my daughter was young and we could not be at home at her bed time, she used to leave loving notes for us, her parents. “Dear Mommy and Daddy, I love you a lot! Please check on me right now.” “Mom, all I need from you is love.”

For Father’s Day, she said “Out of everything I learned from you, the things that I will always remember are the things that nourish the heart. You are an inspiration to me because of your unconditional love that you give, unconditionally.” “Dad, I still remember the very first thing you ever taught me … What it feels like to be loved.”

To be a parent, we learn to love unconditionally. This is why all of us should become a parent, to grow and feel God’s heart, because He loves us as a parent. Parental heart makes us more complete, more whole. Then we can love others too, as a parent.

If for any reason we cannot have children, then we can adopt, or be a foster parent, or adopt a loving animal with whom we can share our abundant love.

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