Making Beautiful Things Makes a Beautiful Heart

My friend Toshiko from San Diego is always making beautiful things as well as John, her husband, a painter. Their home is full of colorful paintings. You can sense the heart and the soul expressed in these works of art.

Each time we had our Women’s Federation for World Peace event in Southern California, Toshiko made exquisite Japanese flower bouquets, arranging the shades together with style, which enchanted our meetings. If I ever ask, Toshiko what are you up to right now? “I am making beautiful things,” she will answer!

One evening with friends, under the leadership of Sarah, we created necklaces with pearls and metal pieces. This was very relaxing, and I was surprised that this activity could bring so much joy to us all.

My mom loved her garden and at retirement she was tending it every morning as a faithful tradition. She put care and love ending to the rows of vegetables which ended up in a soup every day. She also admired the orange lily flowers planted by my grandmother which continued year after year to produce new generations, connecting us to our ancestors.

We truly live in a beautiful world that our creator GOD made just for us to enjoy and become ourselves creators. As making beautiful things makes a beautiful heart.

With love, your friend Elisabeth

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