Eternal Life in the Spirit World

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Humankind is achieving higher and higher levels of awareness of the spiritual dimension of life. Scientists acknowledge that the physical world, confined by the space-time continuum, is inadequate to describe the totality of the cosmos. There is another dimension to our world. After our physical body dies, our spirit continues to live for eternity in this other world. This is the belief of many of the world’s religions, as well as individuals whose life was changed by a near-death experience or the passing of a loved one.

This book continues the collaborative work of Dietrich F. Seidel and Jennifer P. Tanabe. It begins by discussing the philosophical and theological background to our understanding of the spiritual realm. Numerous testimonies that affirm the continued existence of the spirit after the death of the physical body are presented.

Later chapters expand the theoretical understanding of the spiritual realm based on Unification Thought. Practical information on life in the spirit world and how we on earth can communicate with our ascended loved ones is also discussed. A number of messages between those in the spirit world and their loved ones on the earth are included.

The reader is left with the understanding not just that the spirit world exists, but that our life on earth is a preparation for our eternal life in that spiritual realm. During our life on earth we have a physical self and a spiritual self; the spirit world is not just for our afterlife. Death of the physical body comes to us all, but it is nothing to fear. It behooves us to spend our time on this earth well, growing our eternal spirit through learning to love; for our ability to love is the most important thing we take with us.


“Eternal Life in the Spirit World” is a thought provoking read about our multidimensional life as human beings on Planet Earth and in the Spiritual Realm. Dietrich F. Seidel has the uncanny ability to present deep meta-physical ideas through concrete practical illustrations. He is a unifier of polarities, showing how to transcend the physical laws of space-time with the boundless eternal dimensions of our soul.
~Diesa E. Seidel, Educator

The advent of modern medicine has opened the door to the “near death experience” and to insights into life “on the other side.” This volume provides a varied yet comprehensive summary of the dynamic relationship between this earthly realm and the spirit world; it offers rich guidance to one seeking to orient his/her life toward freedom and happiness in the present and in eternity. Examples of spiritual communication between the now-deceased Dietrich Seidel and his wife Elisabeth teach the possibility of living and loving in two different but connected worlds. A book that is greatly informative, and well worth reading!
Betsy Jones, Counselor

“Eternal Life in the Spirit World” is a warm, gentle and straight-forward account of life in the spirit world, and its relationship with life on earth. The authors, Dietrich Seidel and Jennifer Tanabe, share evidence concerning the subject matter extracted from published testimonies of numerous psychics and individuals who had near-death experiences. From these they outline what spirit world is like and what we should expect when we go there.

They share teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his followers that explain spirit world as part of a larger systematic theology. And, most importantly, they share about how best to prepare for life in the spirit world, by living for the sake of others on earth. This is shown not to be just as an ethical precept; they explain exactly why doing good on earth opens us to life in heaven.

For me, the sweetest part of the book is its concluding sections on angels and, finally, the relationship between the co-author, Dietrich Seidel, who is presently in spirit world, and his wife of forty years, Elisabeth, who is on earth. The communications draw all of us who are married to value evermore our eternal partner on earth and in the next world.

Were the authors to publish more on this subject, I would love to hear an expansion upon the phenomena of everyone in heaven appearing as they looked when they were young adults, and how that affects the relationships of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, once we all are there. Are the effects of aging not valued in spirit world? I would want to meet Abraham Lincoln as our nation’s president at its time of greatest trial, not as a countryside rail-splitter.

Also, I’d want to hear more about how the orderliness imposed by time and space, in that one can be only one place at a time, does not dissipate into utter chaos in spirit world where, apparently, we can be in multiple places at the same time. Is there a meta-structure by which each person’s experiences are organized sequentially? This leads to questions about inter-personal relations in heaven. What if I’m in a deep embrace with my wife, when someone somewhere thinks about me and (according to the theory) I immediately appear in front of them?

“Eternal Life in the Spirit World” is a very stimulating, satisfying and peaceful book, an ideal introduction for a person who is interested in spirit world to the breakthrough teachings on the subject by Reverend Moon.
~Tyler Hendricks, Educator

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