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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Spiritual/Supernatural book “Eternal Life in the Spirit World” by Jennifer P. Tanabe and Dietrich F. Seidel, currently available at

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Reviewed By Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers’ Favorite

In Eternal Life in the Spirit World, Jennifer P. Tanabe and Dietrich F. Seidel paint a picture of the hedonistic body in relation to the free soul. They explain that humans need to live harmoniously, both in body and soul. Helpful illustrations are present throughout the text to clarify certain points. Kenneth Ring’s and Raymond Moody’s research on out-of-body experiences is explored, and the unwillingness of those who have had near-death experiences to share their feelings is discussed. In addition, expectations of the afterlife and ways to connect with loved ones in the spirit realm are reviewed, and the nature of God is examined.

As Jennifer P. Tanabe and Dietrich F. Seidel write, there is an uptick in interest regarding life after death. Right away, I was intrigued as they share a story about a young US Marine corporal who, though agnostic, received a religious book that mysteriously saved his life within moments. The writing was good and easy to follow. I had always wondered if, upon my death, I would review my life as if I were watching a movie. Eternal Life in the Spirit World helped to affirm that idea with the testimonial of Betty Eadie, whose spirit returned to her body after she was presumed dead.

The authors drew on quotations from other religions like Buddhism, but the primary religious focus seemed to be on the Christian faith. I like the concept of a spiritual mind that is separate from our physical interpretation of our characteristics. Love for yourself and others is clearly expressed throughout the book, and it provided evidence that our loving actions in life would be mirrored to us upon death. The authors show that there is an order to spiritual laws, and as long as we’re living, and maybe even if we’re in the spirit world, there’s time for spiritual growth and a better connection with God.”

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