My To-Dos for the New Year

  • On getting up let’s be grateful
    (A grateful heart can kill negativity, dysfunction, and even digest cancer cells.)
  • Let’s talk or pray to Heaven
    (Every day we need a greater power than ourselves to deal with life’s ordeals.)
  • Read or listen to something meaningful
    (Choose a sentence or take away for the day. Last week one of my sentences was “a mother’s prayer can open the gates of Heaven.”)
  • Sing in the shower
    (My husband and son singing together in perfect harmony brought me joy.)
  • Put on a smile as part of getting dressed
  • On your way to work or other places greet nature, the colors, the beauties around you
    (My Heavenly Father made them!)
  • Greet someone with love, send some compliments
    (A kind word is balm for the soul.)
  • Love intentionally
    (Uplift someone.)
  • Check your thoughts
    (Train yourself to pattern them in a high frequency so that negativity does not reach you.)
  • Be mindful of what you are saying, and the way you are saying it
  • Take a lunch walk, it does wonders for your soul
  • Have talk therapy
    (It is better than doctors.)
  • Make sure you have a good friend or two
    (Reach out with love, love conquers all.)
  • Develop lasting heartistic relationships all throughout your life
  • Learn about real love, forgiving love, true love
  • Declutter your home as a way to de-stress, as the energy will flow freely and beauty will surround you. Start with 10 minutes a day for a particular corner. You will sleep better too in a calm and serene environment. You will be healthier, and new things will come your way.
    (One of my best therapies to order my thoughts and my life is to clean a drawer. It is like looking in my subconscious and making order and discovering new treasures. New things cannot come in an overstuffed environment.)
  • As we bring beauty and love around us and in relationships we are creating a beautiful world like a piece of heaven
  • Classical music will change the atmosphere in your home, it will bring a happy vibe

Here are some tips from the French professor Dr Joyeux for your good health:

  • Take at least one hour for your meal and chew very well
    (The French are well known to take time for their meals, as a sacred time with family members and loved ones; a time to share, to catch up with each other. Nobody is answering the phone during this time, and nobody dares to disturb. My best childhood memories are around the table. Children can be excused only at the end, at dessert time. If missionaries go to France they are asked not to knock on doors at meal times.)
  • Eat lots of organic vegetables and fruits
  • Eat the fruits first; sweet, then salty
  • Eat organic whole grains and organic whole bread. Do not worry about gluten, it is just a fad
  • Eat fruits of the sea (the pesticides will disappear with the cooking)
  • Eat one boiled egg a day; the yellow part should be liquid
  • Eat the products of the bees: bee pollen, propolis (a natural antibiotic), royal jelly, honey
  • Eat the products of the olive tree: black olives, olive oil, leaves of the olive tree as a healthy tea
  • A glass of red wine without sulphates is good for you
    (In France what do you expect! It is cheaper than juice. I was raised as a child with some red wine mixed with water with my meal. Since the mixing with water did not appeal to me, I quit pretty quickly.)

I hope these tips will keep you healthy in spirit and body for the year to come.

Your friend, Elisabeth Seidel

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