Stories to Nourish the Heart

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“Stories to Nourish the Heart” is a compilation of the reflections that Elisabeth Seidel wrote for her blog during the period following the spring of 2018 until the end of 2021, edited by Jennifer P. Tanabe.

These stories are insights from her life, a life of faith and service to others, to those she has embraced as her extended family, her “tribe.” Elisabeth’s heart embraces people the world over as God’s children, children of our one Heavenly Parent. Here she shares life experiences that have nourished her heart.


Thank you for your friendly reminder that a life of faith is a life of love. This is a time of troubled hearts, so your words are very comforting. It is very precious when God can be so near.

~ Elizabeth Kiedler, Austria

Merci pour ce très beau témoignage riche d’enseignements.

~ Jean Pierre Nadal, France

I can always deeply relate to your Insight Stories, Elisabeth. You are putting into words feelings that I feel/felt but do/did not know how to express. Thank you for touching many lives by extracting beauty from everything!

~ Raymonde Meyer, San Clemente, California

I enjoy reading Elisabeth’s insight stories a lot. They are lively glimpses of moments we all experience. Elisabeth has the talent to give a special depth to those instances. This is of high value as it makes me realize that every minute must be lived thoroughly. As we share the same attachment to a lovely French region, the stories dealing with family roots make a special echo in my heart, keeping memories of the past alive. Remembering where we come from helps us find our way in life. So, thank you Elisabeth for your Insight Stories that help me slow down and reflect on what really matters.

~ Karine Clement, France

It is from a place of honest introspection that Elisabeth openly shares her life experiences. Her willingness to put herself in a place of vulnerability subtly invites the reader to take an authentic look within. Through her commentary on topics from family values to global awareness, Elisabeth brings deep meaning to life’s seemingly simple moments. The reader can expect a heartwarming, thought-provoking, inspiring read.

~ Dianne Quinlan, Red Hook, New York

In “Stories to Nourish the Heart,” my mom shares captivating reflections on her personal life memories. Through her stories she uncovers hidden meanings and beautiful analogies that give our everyday existence purpose. This book will surely warm your heart and provoke your own soulful consciousness.

~ Diesa E. Seidel, San Diego, California

Elisabeth Seidel manages to gently convey a sense of the connections between family, society and the higher purposes of God in her new book, Stories to Nourish the Heart.

Though it imparts its wisdom via personal reflections, Stories to Nourish the Heart is more than a reminiscence. Rather it uses the personal to meditate on questions every person asks at one time or another. The questions don’t seem quite so abstract when considered as part of the fabric of everyday experience. And Elisabeth shows answers are there if we are willing to look, in the eyes of a loved one, the working through of conflict, the sacrifice of duty, and the preservation of faith in the face of the unknown.

Told in loosely connected sketches, Stories to Nourish the Heart is an easy read in one sense. But at the same time, it offers much spiritual food for thought.

In Elisabeth’s latest book, she finds ways to compare her own life’s romantic serendipity with touchstones of current pop culture. In one example, she talks about getting hooked on a Korean TV series, “Crash Landing on You.” The premise involves a rich South Korean girl, head of a business empire, who manages to land in North Korea while paragliding in bad weather. She becomes trapped there, and during the series, you follow her adventures trying to get back home, and in the meantime falling in love with a young high official.

“The new handsome superman comes from over there,” Elisabeth notes. “The emotions there are strong. Their love is from their bone marrow. The food tastes like heaven. I just loved it. Being transported to another world where I never went before, but someone found true love there.”

Ultimately, the love Elisabeth experienced with her husband, begun in a call to faith via an unlikely arranged marriage, and the work they shared in service of their church and in raising a family, opened her to divine grace in her own life.

By its series of spare yet thoughtfully contemplated vignettes, Stories to Nourish the Heart will gratify anyone who is looking to be more open to the lessons available in life’s sometimes perplexing, but more often mundane events.

~ Joe Doran, Rhinebeck, New York

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