For My Mother

I wrote this poem in honor of my mother, originally in French. This month I want to share it with you, together with the English translation.

First, here is a photo of my mother, with her beautiful flowers.

My mother with her beautiful peonies

Parce que c’est ma mère

Beautiful mother
Mère de vie
Mère d’amour
Mère de coeur
        de bonté
        de tendresse
Mère généreuse
Mère pour tous
        C’est ma mère

Petite mère
Belle mère
Belle dame
        très digne
Grande dame
Super Mom
        Beautiful mother
Mère de passion
Mère très aimée
Grand’mère adorée
Mère précieuse
        Un trèsor de mère
Mère pour tous
        Parce que
        c’est ma mère
        Beautiful mother
Mère de confiance
Mère de conscience
Mère d’authorité
        de verité
        et justice
Mère de ses enfants
        C’est ma mère
        Beautiful mother
Mère de courage
Mère Bélier
Mère des montagnes
        de lumiere
        de tonnere
        et des éclairs
Mère du ciel
        des étoiles
        et firmaments
Mère pour tous
        C’est ma mère
Mère de pardon
        de renouveau
Mère d’un monde
        vrai mère
Mère de tous
        C’est ma mère
        Beautiful mother!

Because it’s my mother

 Beautiful mother 
Mother of life
Mother of love
Mother of heart
           of goodness
           of tenderness
Mother for all
It’s my mother

Little mother
Beautiful lady
Great lady
Super Mom
Beautiful mother
Mother of passion
Mother well loved
Adored grandmother
Precious mother
Treasured mother
Mother for all
it’s my mother
Beautiful mother
Mother of trust
Mother of conscience
Mother of authority
           of honesty
           of truth
           and justice
Mother of her children
           It’s my mother
           Beautiful mother
Mother of courage
           of tenacity
Mother Aries
Mother of mountains 
           of light
           of thunder
           of lightning
Mother of heaven
           of the stars
           and firmaments      
Mother for all
           It’s my mother
Mother of pardon
           of renewal
Mother of a world
           of love
           true mother
Mother for all
           It’s my mother
           Beautiful mother!


Signs from Above

In the early morning, going for my usual walk after some spiritual reading, and conversing, reporting to my husband Dietrich on the one-way phone calls, if I am attentive there is always a greeting, a sign coming from a tree, or the radio, or a word in my heart mind.

Today, my eye caught sight of a beautiful red bird in a bush. A feeling of love and beauty swelled in my heart, a most special greeting, a lovely hello, a sight from beyond the veil.

I came back home and there was a magazine open at a picture of a bright red bird, a cardinal, with the words “Messenger from Heaven.”

The page also had the words, “A gentle reminder that we’re never far apart, my spirit will live on forever there within your heart.” And in my mind, I remembered the words of the song, “And when the time comes, I will be there to meet you and welcome you home.”

This reminded me of the time Dietrich found a penny on our morning walk. I told him to keep it; put it in full view on the small table. The penny reminds me of God and the emblem of America.

Some days the dark is stronger than the light. Still we keep going, keep moving. At that time after a tearful morning prayer, I went for a walk. Suddenly a white truck appeared. On it side was the name of the company, and underneath were the words, “In God We Trust.” Definitely God was talking to me: “Trust Me,” I will protect you.

About Catherine

My friend Christine shared with me about her sister Catherine who passed away from leukemia when she was 19. Christine herself was 20 at that time, and all their life together they had been very close. At school they would find surprises in their backpacks from the other sibling, like special cookies or treat, a note. So their loving relationship could continue beyond this world.

One week before Catherine passed, she had a spiritual experience. She said a being of light came and held her in his arms, saying that her suffering would be gone very soon. It could have been Jesus or an angel who helps human beings transition to the other world.

This morning on Mother’s Day Catherine appeared to Christine wishing her a happy day.

I asked Christine, how does she appear to you? She said, like in a dream, but it is real.

In fact, also her ancestors, like her father and mother, are present for all the birthdays of each family member. Christine sees them happy to celebrate together.

Soon those two worlds will become one and we will spend time with each other as we wish. That will be the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven, where everything that has been separated will be unified again. Like our mind and body, difficult relationships will become harmonious, peace will come in divided countries, and parents and children will find loving relationships again. I am longing for this world.

Elisabeth Seidel

Mom! Be Nice to Dad

“Mom, be nice to Dad!” My daughter responded, one day after I was using a sharp tongue towards my husband. It came to me as a surprising shock, as I was not even aware of my attitude. Sometimes too critical, or impatiently babbling something too fast or inappropriate. It stopped me in my tracks and I could reflect on my attitude.

I was not nice. To my husband.

I had a lot of reasons why. I could enumerate all of them. In order of importance.
But in the end, it does not matter the reasons why.
What does matter in the end is if we could love anyway.

Being always nice and pleasant speaking, and reconciling and agreeable. This is an art. An art of living together.
Responding in kind when we know the other one is wrong, or we think he is. Forgiving and going over the hurt of squabbling.
In the end it does not matter.
What matter is if we could love, anyway.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, reviewing different situations in my life where I was not nice, and changing them in my mind to the right response.

It is said that when you go to the spirit world, you first review your life. You experience how the other person felt when you were not nice, by your actions and behavior, and also when you were nice, what pleasant emotions you have given to others. This will determine the region where you will be residing in your eternal home.

Other situations were not closed well the way I would have wanted, which means with ultimate true love. So, in my mind I process them, asking for forgiveness, and also asking my husband from the other side of the veil to work at it. We can continue our relationship between the two worlds to make it in the end the perfect love we always wanted. Let’s be nice to each other.

Elisabeth Seidel

Say No to Divorce

This morning I asked my friend why did his wife wanted to divorce him, such a fine man like him. He said, she told him that she did not receive enough love.

In our case we women always want more. In this case, less is not best but more is good. More love and more attention. More hugs. More cherished words, more time. All of the above. Love unconditionally. Not once but every day. A few times every day. How can this happen in the fast-paced world of today?

Well, when love gets going, is given, received and given back, there is so much more energy, so much more purpose in one’s life. The tiredness goes away, the suffering in other areas of one life diminishes. It is a big dose of health, vitamins and pick me up. True love can cure all, I always heard.

I was very demanding to my husband. How could he cope with me? Many times I asked, please listen to me, to my story, to my pain with so and so. It was serious. He had to drop whatever he was doing and give me immediate attention. Now I am so eternally grateful for those moments. True love was a therapy to feel better.

Every one of us has to find a true love therapy which make us feel better. This New Year let’s proclaim a love therapy where we are the invitation to make someone feel better, more loved, more precious, more needed. “It is in giving that we receive.”

Always say no to divorce.

Elisabeth Seidel

Die Große Liebe

As I was visiting my 97 years young mother-in-law in Vienna, I was surprised that she was still reading books. I thought she was only looking through magazines or mainly watching tv as entertainment if she was not on an excursion, or playing dominos.

But to my surprise she was reading a book from the American author Pearl Buck, and the title was “Die Große Liebe,” means “Le Grand Amour” or “The Great Love.”

Wow! She is 97 and reading love stories! I realized this ideal of ours never dies. At 100 you can still dream about love, true love, the one and only. This quest never ever ends and reading about it becomes so exciting, interesting and fulfilling.

I told Oma, I know who is my great love for ever and ever. And she had me tell her again and again my encounter with Dietrich, her son, which was love at first sight. And how it stayed this way during our 40 years of married life and beyond.

We are born this way that love is part of our inner self, and the most interesting topic, even when you reach 97.

To keep a true love is great work. If you did not find it yet, do not despair. One day every one of us will find their true, unique and forever love. This I believe.

Let’s spread more love around us, more loving words, more smiles, more random acts of kindness, and specially if someone attacks you let’s give back in kindness. We are changing ourselves so that a world of heart and love will come about.

In the photo below, you can see me with my beloved Dietrich, Oma, and Dietrich’s sister Gisela at the famous Prater in Vienna.

Prater Vienna

The Killer of Love

This month I would like to address a more serious topic.

As I was browsing through a website called, I was reading that a high school student was wearing a tee shirt that said:



And this fact stirred a lot of discussions among the students.

Addiction is fueled in secrecy, and conquered in a community.


The average age at which students start watching porn is eleven years old, yes 11. There are claims that the pornography industry is directly targeting children.

My cousin Karine, a high school teacher, said to me, every day at school I see the damage that cell phones and internet do to our kids, this is why my husband and I choose not to buy cell phones for our own children and very much limit their use of the Internet.

Those dark forces out there are destroying our youth and our families, and must be conquered if we want to live a happy and fulfilling life with real love. Those addicted to porn cannot anymore have a functional intimate relationship with their spouse.


Protection of the family is one of the most important tasks to save a sick society. Porn addiction destroy marriages and put people into deep depression and violent behavior. We need to heal all addictions and become functional again. There is a similarity between the illegal drug industry and the pornography industry.

BELIEVE IN LOVE” and other websites are developing to help people heal. Like “” or “” and “”.

I pray for the healing of America and our own family. Let’s heal ourselves that we can heal others. One day all of us will find the true love we are longing for.

Elisabeth Seidel

On Deepening Relationships

I came to Vienna with the American delegation for the Peace Starts with Me festival. As a few of us were visiting the heart of Vienna (which includes St Stephen’s Cathedral where Dietrich used to attend mass) we bumped into a Federation for World Peace member from France, and we started sharing.

Although from German descent he had been living in France for many years, and he explained to us that he had difficulties establishing deep meaningful relationships. Because of that, he felt unfulfilled, a little depressed, and that his life was at a standstill. We encouraged him, “never give up, continue the good work, at the end you will succeed.”

But is it not true that it takes two to tango? To have a happy life, we must make peace within ourselves, in our family, but also with our close neighbors, and establish deep meaningful relations to feel valued or embraced or understood. The give and take of love goes around and returns to the giver. We are born that way to connect with each other in a family, to connect with our community with love, empathy and care. No one should feel alone or neglected.

At Fairbanks Square loving community, I remember Stephan, who every day made a few trips to the garbage disposal. It was healthy for him to make a 2-minute walk from his apartment a few times a day; that makes 10 minutes and here is your workout for a 90 years old young man. But most of all in Fairbanks there are plenty of benches on the way to the garbage disposal and the chances are in Southern California you will meet someone sitting there. Stephan had plenty of opportunities each day to strike up a conversation, and that was even healthier than walking. He was indeed the first person I shared with about my tribe and the motto. He encouraged me and that made me feel good.

The other thing about Stephan is that he is always extremely helpful. When we could not put our sofa together I asked him, do you know a young man who could help us? He said he was the young man and he could put this thing together on the spot.

Stephan is so proud of his wife, Judith, saying that every morning she goes to church to give communion to people. To hear that, I was already impressed, so Judith and I met and we had many prayers together, and many deep memories of sharing love joy and sadness together. It was her that I called in a very difficult moment. After the funeral home came to pick up Dietrich’s body after he passed, I told Judith I am coming to your home for dinner tonight. She came to pick me up with Cathy, another wonderful neighbor and former nun. So I had dinner with Judith and Stephan and lunch with Cathy.

I want to try harder to make things around me more happy, more lovable. I want to take time to greet someone with a smile, and like Stephan did, serve someone today.

Did not Jesus say, love your neighbors like yourselves. If you love your neighbors you already love God.

Elisabeth Seidel

Making Beautiful Things Makes a Beautiful Heart

My friend Toshiko from San Diego is always making beautiful things as well as John, her husband, a painter. Their home is full of colorful paintings. You can sense the heart and the soul expressed in these works of art.

Each time we had our Women’s Federation for World Peace event in Southern California, Toshiko made exquisite Japanese flower bouquets, arranging the shades together with style, which enchanted our meetings. If I ever ask, Toshiko what are you up to right now? “I am making beautiful things,” she will answer!

One evening with friends, under the leadership of Sarah, we created necklaces with pearls and metal pieces. This was very relaxing, and I was surprised that this activity could bring so much joy to us all.

My mom loved her garden and at retirement she was tending it every morning as a faithful tradition. She put care and love ending to the rows of vegetables which ended up in a soup every day. She also admired the orange lily flowers planted by my grandmother which continued year after year to produce new generations, connecting us to our ancestors.

We truly live in a beautiful world that our creator GOD made just for us to enjoy and become ourselves creators. As making beautiful things makes a beautiful heart.

With love, your friend Elisabeth

Orphans and Orphanages

Recently I spent one month in San Diego where my children live. My beloved son Christopher, while we were finishing dinner together in the busy town on Valentine’s Day, took out his wallet to pay for the family. As I looked at his wallet made of cloth, it was so falling apart, broken, and dirty, I was wondering why he does not buy a new one. He said this wallet had so much value and meaning because it comes from an orphanage where he bought it and he wants to send it somewhere for repair because it is so special to him.

There are so many causes to care for, why an orphanage? Then it hit me, orphanage: the kids without parents. How can a child be without a mom and dad and not receiving the love he or she is longing for? When I was a child myself I always asked my Grandma Marie to tell me stories about her life in an orphanage in Lyon in France, where I guess her mom must have dropped her off for reasons we do not know.

In the summer when my Grandma was still a child, perhaps seven or eight years old, she would go to a family in the mountains of Savoie in “Les Côtes” by Saint Etienne de Cuines, and in exchange for helping to take care of the fields and animals she would receive room and board. After the summer it was time for her to go back by train and I believe one lady from the orphanage would come and wait for her at the train station in Saint Avre-La Chambre. This day Marie refused to board the train, clinging to this couple who took care of her during the summer, holding their coats and sobbing. No-one could persuade her to get on the train. This couple with already many kids decided to adopt her and they became her new family.

Her new brothers and sisters became close with her and I met many of them when I was a child and later their offspring. I heard they even gave her a dowry when she married my grandfather Jean Jamen, himself without a father. His mom had two children and the older one took care of Jean when his mom passed and was his only parent or witness for his wedding. They said that his father must have been an Italian man coming to France for work and had a love affair there in Monthion, a village close to Italy.

Even though my Grandma Marie was an adopted child coming from an orphanage, her adopted parents considered her as their most beloved child and she could be raised in a loving family with brothers and sisters. This was a great blessing for her.

The love of parents is one of the most precious of all. Parents do not keep grudges against their children, or bad feelings. They do not keep any record of wrong. Their love is infinite and eternal.

Much love to all of you,
Your friend Elisabeth